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Lisa Bynes

Lisa Bynes is a graduate of Spelman College and her professional career has been in
pharmaceutical sales. She’s a multiple award winner for top sales performance.
Among her passions is demystifying investing and promoting financial literacy. Born during
segregation in Savannah Georgia she witnessed economic disparities and didn’t understand
why those blessed with wealth and an abundance of financial resources did not actively work to
uplift their impoverished and under resourced neighbors.
After working in corporate America for several years she learned how to invest in 401k accounts
to build a nest egg for retirement. Now she routinely shares the simple philosophy of investing in
a total market or an S&P 500 index fund and Roth IRA’s with friends and acquaintances. She’s
hoping the public school system will one day incorporate financial literacy in the curriculum.

Nov. 16, 2021

Boomer & The Millennial The Investment Episode

Reggie and Armondi talk about Armondi’s national television acting debut on the CW Network on this episode of Boomer and the Millennial. A special guest joins the guys to talk about financial literacy and independence, especially for millennials. Is At...

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